Partner with one of the UK’s most renowned luxury home builders in our long-running joint venture program that has transformed land, property and the financial rewards of numerous investors over the years.

Tap into our architectural, construction & design expertise

To discuss our joint venture product offering, our track record for returns on investment, and our strategy for taking such projects from concept to realisation contact Theo Philippou today on 020 8920 6626.

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Yogo Group are extending an invitation to investors across the globe to be part of something Truly Spectacular


Yogo Group is delighted to extend a joint venture invitation to investors across the globe to be part of developing some of the most luxurious new homes in London today for a contractually guaranteed return.


When you invest with us that investment will be fully secured against the development you have selected to be a part of. All Yogo Group developments come with a ten-year ‘Premier Guarantee’ that certifies the quality of the homes Yogo Group produces.


Your return is predetermined and contractually guaranteed. Construction will typically take 12-18 months and on all previous projects every property has been sold within 6 months of completion.


Yogo Group are experienced luxury home builders who design and build every project at a pre determined and agreed price, signed off and monitored on a monthly basis by an independent Quantity Surveyor.


Yogo Group has their own in-house team of construction experts that includes a Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, Interior Designers, Lighting Engineer, Site Managers and Foreman’s.

To discuss the possibility of investing in one of Yogo Group’s future luxury developments, contact Theo Philippou today on 020 8920 6626 or at